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Belper meets are held mothly.


This a meet and will be ran by Birthing teacher Tara, at her studio, Nest and Nurture Suite 2C, North Mill, Bridge Foot, DE56 1YD, please have a look for the banner at the meet to see where she is. 



10am till 12 noon


Nest and Nurture Studio

Suite 2C,

North Mill,

Bridge Foot,


DE56 1YD

Below will be the dates of the meets for the Belper meets to the end of 2023.



Tuesday 14th February
Tuesday 14th March
Tuesday 11th April
Tuesday 9th May
Tuesday 13th June
Tuesday 11th July
Tuesday 8th August
Tuesday 12th September
Tuesday 10th October
Tuesday 14th November
Tuesday 12th December

Postal and in person collection hires are still available please contact us for more information and help.

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