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Nottingham meets are held on the second Thursday of the month.


The meets are in the studio at the Nottingham Arts Theatre, which is located through the stage door which is to the left of the building down the hill, the entrance is on the corner diagonally opposite the Lord Roberts Pub. The studio is through stage door and directly to the right up 4 steps.

We do ask for a £2 donation per family to help with room hire costs at this meet but there are no additional charges for our advice.



10am till 12 noon


Nottingham Arts Theatre Studio

12 George St,



Below are the dates of the meets for the Nottingham meets to the end of 2025.



Thursday 14th March
Thursday 11th April
Thursday 9th May
Thursday 13th June
Thursday 11th July
Thursday 8th August
Thursday 12th September
Thursday 10th October
Thursday 14th November
Thursday 12th December


Thursday 9th January

Thursday 13th February
Thursday 13th March
Thursday 10th April
Thursday 8th May
Thursday 12th June
Thursday 10th July
Thursday 14th August
Thursday 11th September
Thursday 9th October
Thursday 13th November
Thursday 11th December

Postal and in person collection hires are still available please contact us for more information and help.

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