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A ring sling consists of a piece of fabric which threads through the rings to form a loop. You can adjust the size of the loop according to the size of the baby and the carrier to get excellent support and comfort for you both. You can breastfeed easily while wearing a ring sling; if your baby falls asleep you can easily lay them down without waking them up. They are also easy to pop your baby in and out of; which is handy once they are mobile and like to be allowed out to explore the world but still come back up for a cuddle now and then. Ring slings are quick and easy to put on once you have got the knack.


Ring slings are suitable for carrying all ages and sizes of babies and toddlers until they no longer want to be carried. There are a variety of carrying positions including tummy to tummy for babies in an upright position, on the hip and on the back. Ring slings are perfect for breastfeeding in, if you want to be able to breastfeed discreetly then a nursing top can be an useful addition.

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