Keyworth meets are held on the second Friday of the month.


This is a lovely little cafe meet, we are in the main area downstairs and you will see the banner as you walk in. There is a £1.50 charge for small people to play as there are a wide selection of sensory and natural toys as well as a reading corner and other areas. As the venue is new it can be a little tricky to find with sat nav, there is a carpark in front but the access is on the corner through a gate.



10.30 till 12 noon in the cafe


The Blossom Tree Keyworth,

Main Street 

The Square 


NG12 5JT

Below are the dates of the meets for the Keyworth meets to the end of 2022.



Friday 11th February
Friday 11th March
Friday 8th April
Friday 13th May
Friday 10th June
Friday 8th July
Friday 12th August
Friday 9th September
Friday 14th October
Friday 11th November
Friday 9th December

Postal and in person collection hires are still available please contact us for more information and help.