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Pouches are sometimes called "tube", "pocket" or "ringless" slings, these are generally formed by a wide piece of fabric sewn into a tubular shape. Simple, or fitted pouches do not have rings or other hardware. Adjustable pouches may adjust with zippers, buckles, clips, rings, drawstrings, velcro, and other methods. Most pouches have a curve sewn in to shape the cloth to the parent's body and hold the baby more securely than a simple straight tube. The wearer slips the pouch over the head and one shoulder, sash-style, creating a pocket or seat to hold the baby in.

Simple carrying aids are  designed to take some of the weight of the child but not completely support them so a hand or arm around them is required.


Hybrid carriers are the taking two or more elements from the different sections, close caboos are a stretchy cotton as a stretchy wrap but rather than tied they are adjusted with ring sling rings and permanently sewn in one carrying position, the DX version has some structured elements too it. A hybrid stretchy which combines stretchy wrap and woven wrap as it only stretches in one direction, and a Emeibaby which combines, wrap material, ring sling rings for adjustment all in a soft structured carrier.

Twin options, in the library we have a selection of options that are suited for twins of all ages, where the care giver can carry both of the twins in one carrier, please get in touch if you want more information on twin options.

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