Out of Meet Services

If you are unable to make on of the meets that we run each month, we do offer a selection of options from Derby and Nottingham Sling Library HQ in Long Eaton or at your own home, there are additional costs to these services (hire fees and deposits still apply) and they are detailed below:

Collection only:

Ideal if you know what you want or have used it before and you just want it for a holiday hire for example. it is basically come and collect and fill in the paperwork.

Time 5 minutes

Cost: £5.00

Collection and Demo:

Ideal if you know which sling you want but want a demonstration on how it goes on and adjusts, available from HQ, collect have a demo and complete paperwork.

Time 10 minutes

Cost £7.50

Collection, Demo and Fit:

Similar to above but the chosen sling is fitted on to you and your little one if they are with you after the demo so you can go away with the confidence that the sling is the right size and is fitted correctly.

Time up-to 30 minutes

Cost £12.50


A Full consultation is ideal if you aren't sure of what you are after, or want to look at something specific, for example a certain woven wrap carry or looking at options with twins in a 1 to 1 setting without interruptions the consultations take place at Derby and Nottingham Sling Library HQ in Long Eaton. We can look at pretty much anything in these sessions, Time length will vary dependent on your needs

Time various depending on your needs

Cost £20.00 per hour

Consultation at your house:

As the above consultation but at your house or other location,

Time various depending on your needs

Cost £25.00 per hour + travel @50p per mile from HQ

Newborn Consultation:

This option is ideal to look at newborn options available and find the one that suits you and your little one the best. We will initially look at stretchy wraps, close caboos and stretchy buckle options but we can look at others if you have specifics in mind. This package includes a 3 month hire of a stretchy wrap or close caboo or a 1 month hire of anything else. the consultation can take place at Derby and Nottingham Sling Library HQ in Long Eaton or your house, and can take place as soon as your little one is born.

Time up-to 1hr 30 minutes

Cost £40.00

Mini Sling Library:

The Mini Sling Library is like a little party at your house or at Derby and Nottingham Sling Library HQ, where you and a group of friends can try all the options you like. There will be a full selection of slings and carriers available for you to try, Ideal if you want to try them all but dont want to come out of your house.  This is a minimum 4 people at Derby and Nottingham Sling Library HQ in Long Eaton or your house

Time up to 3 hours

Cost £20.00 each person + travel  @50p per mile from HQ split between all participants