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Beh Dai (Tie On Carriers)

Beh Dei are Asian-style carriers consisting of a shaped piece of fabric (usually a square or a rectangle) with four straps. One set of straps is tied around the wearer's waist and the other around the wearer's shoulders, the fabric forming a pocket for the baby. They are easy to use and can be worn on the front, hip and back. As the weight is spread on both shoulders and hips through the straps, they are comfortable to use with older babies and toddlers. The size of the rectangle of fabric determines the age range each tie on carrier is suitable for: smaller babies, toddlers or preschoolers. There are now hundreds of different brands of tie on carrier available with a variety of features, but the longer straps, taller body and wrap-style tying method are found in almost all of them. Tie on carriers are suitable for front or back carries with children ranging from birth to as heavy as a parent can support.

MT Snugiwraps Wrap Tai
MT Lenny lamb Standard
MT HopTye
MT Lenny Lamb Baby
Melkaj Toddler 1 close
Melkaj Brown
Melkaj Brown 2 close
Lenny Lamb Meitai
Freehand Ombu
ByKay Meitai
Easy Sling
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