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The Derby and Nottingham Sling Library is ran completely by volunteers, no one takes a wage or payment for any of the time given to help the library. The volunteers have a variety of knowledge and experience with babywearing and as a parent too. At the meets you will meet a variety of volunteers in different roles from meeting you at the door, to offering you help and advice with a sling or carrier to completing the forms with you at the end. 

Fancy a sneak peek at what Bob has plann


Bob owns and runs Derby and Nottingham Sling Library and has been babywearing since 2010 he was originally part of Derby Babywearers and developed the library from the need in the area and in 2014 the library was born. Bob has four girls and has carried them all, and now quite regularly borrows other little ones for slingy cuddles. Bob is at most of the meets and sends out all the reminder emails and social media posts. He also manages all of the out of meet services.

Role: Babywearing Consultant and Peer Supporter Trainer

Meets: Derby, Nottingham, Bradmore near Keyworth and Stapleford.



I have been babywearing for nearly 16 months (that's the age of my little boy), I was given a stretchy wrap by a good friend and went to Derby and Nottingham sling library when Findley was a week old to check we were using it right. We have never looked back since. Babywearing has been an amazing tool for myself and Jono, keeping Findley close has definitely not slowed him down but has made us more responsive to his needs and helped us all adjust to parenting. We were regulars at the sling library trying all the slings. Our addiction continues and now I volunteer with the library too. As I was keen to learn more about safe sling use and how to use all the slings I did my slingababy consultant training. I am now enjoying sharing my skills and continue to learn from all the experienced babywearing who also attend the library

Role: Babywearing Consultant

Meets: Mansfield Woodhouse



I volunteer because I absolutely love babywearing and in particular using woven wraps with my daughter. Slings have been invaluable to me as a first time mum, and I’ve connected with a wonderful babywearing community both in person and online since my daughter arrived. I wanted to give something back and have recently done my peer supporter training and we help out now at the Derby meet.

Role: Advanced Peer Supporter




I started volunteering for Nottingham Sling Meet and then carried on when it became Derby and Nottingham Sling Library. I enjoy meeting new people and assisting in helping them start or continue their babywearing journey. The joy on peoples faces when they leave with a sling that suits them.

Role: Peer Supporter


Meets: Nottingham



I volunteer because I want to help others discover babywearing and all the benefits that come with it. As a mum of 4 babywearing has helped me tremendously, weather it be practically to carry my newborn whilst I read their siblings a bed time story, allowing me my hands free to hold theirs whilst we cross roads or emotionally being able to cuddle them close after they have had their jabs or are feeling unwell but still allowing me to be able to move around for school runs, preparing dinner etc... Different types of carriers have also helped me at stages of my babies lives so I love being able to show people something new.

Role: Peer Supporter

Meets: Mansfield Woodhouse

Rainbow Light Art



I began baby wearing in 2012 with baby number three I already had two young children to run around after adding a newborn was impossible I turned to My friend who at the time ran Nottingham sling meet and I learnt how to use a stretchy from there I progressed to wovens. I used to attend meets and decided that I’d like to help share the love and knowledge of baby wearing so I completed my peer support course and here we are today. Baby wearing g has made being a mum of five just that little bit easier whether it be needing to cuddle a newborn and run round after a toddler or a toddler getting tired whilst walking and needing a break or simply just wanting both hands free. I may not have a tiny baby any more but you’ll see me stealing my friends babies and wearing them as I simply miss it now.

Role: Peer Supporter


Meets: Mansfield Woodhouse

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