Woven Wraps

Wraps are lengths of fabric (usually between 2m and 6m long), which are wrapped around both the baby and the wearer and then tied. There are different carrying positions possible with a wrap, depending on the length of the fabric. A baby or toddler can be carried on the wearer's front, back or hip. With shorter wraps it is possible to do a one-shouldered carry, similar to those done with a pouch or a ring sling, although most carries involve the fabric going over both shoulders of the wearer and often around the waist to offer maximum support.

There are two main types of wrap - stretchy and woven. Woven wraps are pieces of woven fabric of varying thickness. Natural fibers are usually chosen, with cotton being the most common, but hemp, linen, silk and wool are also used. A variety of weaves are used. Most common are homespun or hand-woven fabrics with simple over-under weaves, twills and jacquards. Most weaves provide some give or movement diagonally.


Wrap lengths are usually sized approximately,

size 1 - 2.2 meters = 7.22 feet

size 2 - 2.7 meters = 8.86 feet

size 3 - 3.1 meters = 10.17 feet

size 4 - 3.6 meters = 11.81 feet

size 5 - 4.2 meters = 13.78 feet

size 6 - 4.6 meters = 15.09 feet

size 7 - 5.2 meters = 17.06 feet

size 8 - 5.60 meters = 18.37 feet

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