Slings and Carriers Available in the Library

Stretchy Wraps, Close Caboo and other Newborn options


Boba Wrap x34 (Grey, Navy, Bamboo Light Grey, Black, Blue/Grey Stripe, Dark Blue, Emerald, Purple, Sangria, Turquoise, Orange, Plum Ikat, Stardust, Bloom, Arrow, Vintage Blue)

Close Caboo x25 (Purple butterflies, Blue Flowers, Charcoal, Duo Pink Purple, Frost Grey, Brown, Khaki, Charcoal Flowers, Green, Limited Edition library, Blue, Red, Grey Organic, Opal, Denim, Sophia, Light Green, Cream Flowers, Hucklebury)

Close Caboo Lite x 16 (Grey, Blue, Try Me, Light Grey, Cloud, Alloy)

Mamaruga Zen v2 x30 (Black Doodle, Black Ocean, Black Triangles, Black/white squiggles, Grey Cubes, Grey triangle, Navy / Flowers, Navy/Grey hearts and Lines, Navy/Wine, Ocean dots, Purple/Orange, Teal, Black Red Dots, Black/Blue, Grey Animals Bear, Black/Ocean dots, Grey Animals panther, Grey Birds, Grey Melange, Grey Symbols, Black Roosters)


ByKay Original Wrap

Carry me by Forressi Blue

Cuddle Bug

Cybex Stretchy

Free Rider Classic Grey x2

Free Rider Verve

Funki Flamingo Grey x2

Hana Baby x7 (Black, Blue, Ocean Blue, Pink, Teal, Grey)

Izmi Stretchy Grey

Joy and Joe Stretchy

JPMBB Basic x2 (Tattoo, Orange)

JPMBB Standard

Kari Me x2 (Denim, Plum)

Lenny Lamb Blue

Liberty Wrap Brown

Liberty Wrap Blue

Lifft Wrap x2 (Blue, Purple)

Lillebaby wrap

Lilliput Stretchy


Moby wrap x2 (Green, Teal)

Sling School Purple

Snugibub Stretchy

Snugiwrap x2 (Brown, Black)

Tula Black Green vine panel

Unbranded x2 (Black, Burgendy)

Victoria Sling Lady Black

We Made Me Wuti x3 (Black, Grey)

Wrapsody Duo Black

Wrapsody Hybrid x2 (Chronos, Purple)

Close Caboo DX x4

Close Caboo DX GO x2 (Khaki, Plum)

Close Caboo DX+

Baby K'Tan x2 (Medium, Small)

Ergo Embrace x2 (Blue, Black)

Infantino Together



Tricotti Cream Medium

Vija PremTop


Standard Soft Structured Carriers


ABC Baby Elliot

Babalonia Flexia

Babalonia Onbu

Baby Bjorn We

Babyhawk oh snap


Beco 8 x23 (Black, Camo, Grey, Rust, Teal, Navy Pinstripe)

Beco Gemini x9 (Ahoy, Grey, Iris, Mermaids, Retro Pop)

Beco Gemini Cool x4 (Grey, Navy)

Beco Soleil x 2 (Dragonfly, Logo)

Beco Woven x2 (Dobby Diamonds, Angle Ikat)

Boba 4G Kangaroo

Boba 4GS Birds of a Feather

Boba Air x3

Boba X

Bondolino Green

Cat Bird Baby

Connecta Standard x5 (Conference, Daisy Field (Petite),DNA (petite), Girasol Gothic Rainbow, Rainbow Cheverons)

Didymos Didy Click

Easy Feel Extend

Easy Feel Standard

Emeibaby Bunt

Ergo x6 (Black, Pink/purple, Camo, Limited Edition, Red)

Ergo 360 x7 Black, Green, Triple Triangles, Trunks Up, Star dust, Downtown, Batik Indigo)

Ergo 360 mesh Grey

Ergo Adapt

Ergo Omni 360 x5 (Trunks Up, Galaxy, Khaki, Stardust)

Ergo Omni 360 Cool air mesh x4 (Blue Blooms, Tweed, Classic Weave, Ever Green)

Fraulein Hubsch

Funky Flamingo Carrier

Geeky Baby Half Buckle

Infantino Flip

Infantino Go Forward

Infantino In Season

Integra Size 1 x 33 (Bird Song, Blue, Forest, Mocha Dots, All stars Orange, Altitude, Believe, Black, Buffalo Plaid eddie, Bunnies Garden, Charcoal Twist, Confetti, Copenhagen, Evaporating Raindrops, Felicity, Fleur, Glitter Birds, Hedgerow, Lunar, Magic in the Clouds, Martha, Moon and Stars, Pink Hearts, Rainbow, Raindrops, Roses, Unicorn, Bolt)

Integra Solar Size 1 x8 (Glaciar Grey, Olive, light Blue, Meadowlark Yellow, Mulberry, Nirvana, Pink, Ultra Violet)

Isara baby

Isara One

Izmi Carrier Heart

Izmi Carrier Blue

Jelly Stitch Buckle Onbu

Jelly Stitch Full Buckle

JPMBB Physio Carrier x2

Kahu Baby Grey

Kibi x2 (Blue and White Circles, Blue Floral)

Kitten Creations Tribute

Lenny Lamb Baby Buckle Onbu

Lenny Lamb Baby Buckle Onbu Rainbow

Lenny Lamb Baby Buckle Up

Lenny Lamb Baby SSC x2 (Burbury, Olive and Khaki)

Lenny Lamb Go Baby Mesh Professional

Lenny Lamb Go Baby Arcadia Plaid

Lillebaby Complete v2 x4 (Charcoal, Black, Blue Elephants, Purple)

Lillebaby Essentials Grey Chevron x2

Limas Flex

Little Frog Standard Tulip Fields

Madame GooGoo

Mamaruga Zebulo x6 (Bicycles, Forest Fairy, Horses, Oz, Sky)

Manduca x2 (Circadelic Grass, True Emerald/Diamond)


Moby Aria Blue

Mountain Buggy Juno

Neko Baby Carrier x3 (Myra Ruby, Rainbow Royal Shine, Retro)

Neko Switch

Nova Buckle Bu Standard Rainbow Roses

Nova Full Buckle Standard Lightning

Nova Ring Ombu

Olivies and Applesause Elephant Romp

Olivies and Applesause Lite Purple


Rose and Rebellion Baby x3 (Purple, Tigers, Zebedee)

Sanamama Onbu

Scootababy v2 x3 (Khaki, Camo, Black)

Sleepy Nico x5 (Fairytale, Morning Rise Purple, Morning Rise Black, Red, Skull and Cross Bones)

Snugiwraps Half Buckle

Softai Half Buckle

Storchenweige Half Buckle

storchenwiege buckle tai Denim

Tula Baby x5 (Black, Rockets, Discover, Soar, Wrap Conversion Waves)

Tula Baby Coast Overcast (grey)

Tula Explore x12 (Dreamy Sky, Everblue, Forever, Mint dots, Sleepydust, Tempo, Wander, French Marigold, Discover)

Tula Explore Coast x2 (Marble)

Tula Free to Grow x6 (Confetti Dot, Discover, Soar, Sleepy Dust, Wonder, Stormy)

Tula Free to Grow Coast Marble

Tula HB Rainbow stars


We Made Me Pao x4

We Made Me Venture

We Made Me Imagine x2 (Green, Black)

Wompat Medium x2 (Black Geko, Rainbow)

Wrapahula Spotted Love


Toddler and Pre School Soft Structured Carriers


ABC Toddler Owls

Beco Toddler x6 (Marine, Brush Strokes, Nebula, Geometric Teal, Iris)

Beco Toddler Cool x2 (Navy, Pineapple)

Connecta Toddler x2 (Purple, Green Silk)

Emeibaby Toddler

Integra Size 2 x9 (Birds, Pure Blue, Evaporating Raindrops, All Stars teal, Rockets, Raindrops, Woodland Owls, Frolic, Looking Out)

Integra Size 2 Solar x5 (Olive, Ocean Blue, Black, UV)

Izmi Carrier Toddler

Lenny Lamb Toddler x2 (Dark Rainbow, pale rainbow)

Lenny Lamb Go Toddler Mesh Professional

Lenny Lamb Go Toddler Arcadia Plaid

Little Frog XL Toddler

Lillebaby Carryon

Neko Toddler

Nova Buckle Bu Toddler

Nova Full Buckle Toddler Foxglove

Sleepy Nico Toddler x2 (Owls, Space Aliens)

Tula Toddler x4 (Bikes, Billow, Celebrate, Wrap conversion Anchors)

Tula Toddler Coast Land before tula

We Made Me Vanture +

Connecta Preschool x2 (Denim, Black)

Connecta Preschool Solarweave Grey

Easy Feel Extend Plus

Integra Size 3 x6 (Norland, Lines and Shapes, Gallica Roses, Looking Out, Linen Chartreuse, Mocha Dots)

Integra 3 Preschool Solar Grey

Lenny Lamb Pre School Arcadia Plaid

Rose and Rebellion Pre School

Wompat Preschool


Woven Wraps


Little Frog Size 9 Dark Bazzite

Optai Size 8 Paper Planes

Cari Slings Time and space spoiler size 7

Natibaby size 7 Alma Mater

Calin Bleu Large (Size 7) Amethist

Hoppidiz Timbuktu Size 7

Shire Slings Love Geek 7

Amazonas Size 7 Melon

Pavo Size 7 Lovebirds

Firespiral size 6 Amber Starmap

Babalonia BB Slen Size 6

Baie Trowan Dawn Size 6

Didymos Cubes Size 6

Hoppidiz Brown Size 6

Hoppidiz Stripes Size 6

Natibaby Size 6 Silk Deers

Lenny Lamb size 6 Night

Lenny Lamb Pistachio size 6

Calin Bleu Medium (Size 6) Blue

Wrapsody Breese S/M (size 6)

Ellaroo Medium (Size 6) Black

Ellaroo Medium (Size 6) Fuschia

Storchenweige Size 6 Bordeaux

Luna Size 6 Rainbow

Ali Dover Size 6 Pure

Amazonas Size 6 Berry

Yaro Size 6 LaVita

Little Frog size 6 Quartz

Firespiral Size 6 Teaching Wrap

Didymos Size 6 Pink Jim

Didymos Size 6 Blue / White Stripe

OScha Size 6 Red/Black

Joy and Joe Size 6 Pink and Blue

Firespiral Elements size 6

Rockabye Temari Size 6

Little Frog Size 6 Sunny Labradorite

Luna Dream Size 6 Tartan

Didymos Size 6 Sandal

Kokadi Size 6 Erna im Wonderland

Didymos Size 5 Pfau

Ellevill Size 5 Jade Lady

Lenny Lamb size 5 Galleons

Firespiral Elements size 5 Pink

Girasol Size 5

Bebe Sachi Size 5 Khadi

Lenny Lamb size 4 Night

Didymos Size 4 red stripe

Baie Roses Size 4

Red Cie fabric Size 4

Kokadi Size 4 Stars

Natibaby Size 4 Blue/Black

Calin Bleu Short Green

Didymos Size 3 Red and Blue stripe

Didymos Size 3 Confrence special

Lenny Lamb Size 3 Blue

Oscha Zhulin Dawn Size 3

Keppeke Size 3 Rainbow Cubes

Little Frog Size 3 Rainbow with Black

Girasol Size 2 Purple red stripe

Crafty Little Slings Size 2 Rainbow

Didymos Size 2 Blue stripe

Storchenwiege Size 2 Leo

Didymos Prima Blaze Size 1

African wrap Shawl

Bara Barn Short Gauze

Kanga Wrap Purple / Green

Rebozo Wrap Long

Knot tie Wrap

Walters Never Fail

Fil'up Mesh Blue x2

traditional kanga Blue


Ring Slings


Bara Barn Cream/White

Bebe Sachi Rona Prism

Calin Bleu RS Purple

Crafty Little Slings Ring Sling

Didymos Daisys Ring Sling

Didymos Green Stripe Ring Sling

Easy Feel Blue

Ellaroo Gathered Shoulder RS

Feather and Hay Hand woven Chunkle Monkey Conversion

Girasol Blue Stripes

Girasol Symphou

Hanababy ring sling

JPMBB Gathered Shoulder

Lenny Lamb Banbury RS

Lenny Lamb Purple Stripe RS

Lenny Lamb Rainbow RS

Little Frog Gathered Rainbow

Little Frog Navy Illusion

Maya Padded Shoulder Rainbow RS

Natibaby Alma Mater (Pleated) RS

Natibaby Brown/Orange RS

Natibaby Rosed (Pleated) RS

Oscha Vanilla Roses RS

Oscha Zhilin Dawn

Sakura bloom linen + silk ring sling

Storchenweige RS Turquise

Water gauze RS

Wrapamore Muslin Ring Sling

Didymos Lisca

Storchenweige Purple/Green/pink

Herbal Baybee Black


Tie On


Babyhawk mei tai

Bondolino Black

By Kay Denim Standard/Toddler Mei Tai

Cwtch carrier ring tai Green

Ellaroo MT

Freehand Ombuhimo

Hop Tye x6 (Red, Brown, Purple, Black, Timbuktu, Teal/Silver)

Kitten Creations Pod

Lenny Lamb Baby MT

Lenny Lamb Baby Wrap Tai Arcadia Plaid

Lenny Lamb Rainbow Toddler Meitai

Ling ling d'amour buckle tai

Ling ling d'amour toddler beh dai

Mamaruga Podma x5 (Brown Cityscape, Pistachio, Purple Dragonflys, Green Dragonflys, Oh Deer)

Melkaj Standard brown

Melkaj Toddler

Melkaj Preschool

Napsack Meitai Owls

Nova Classic Meitai Standard Owls

Other Pod, Tie Dye Wrap conversion Natibaby

Palm and Pond Meitai

Rock Solid Slings Pod Red/Green

Sanamama Stretchy Beh Dai

Snugiwraps Wrap Tai standard Deers




Lifft pouch Medium

Brightspark fleece pouch Rainbow

Green fleece pouch

Cotton Pouch Flowery

Hippy Chick Hip Seat

Hot Slings Pouch

Wallaboo Pouch

Yellow Fleece Pouch

We Made Me Smile




Mini Monkey x2

Twingo x6

Weego x2





Baby Legs

Babywearing Fleece Hoody

Beco Soleil Insert

Bundle Bean Go Cover

Connecta lumbar Support belt

Ergo Baby Insert

Ergo Baby Insert 360

Mamalila Cover

Manduca Extend

Manduca Size it

Manduca Zip in Elypse

Manduca Zip in Blue stripe

Mountain Buggy Insert

Sling Rings Large

Sling Rings Medium

Twingo Baby Inserts

Twingo Baby Pannel Extenders

Twingo Beh Dai Straps

Wilkinet Cover