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Melbourne meets are held on the first Friday of the month.

There is a lovely little soft play with the cafe and the cost of entry for the soft play is £1.50 If you are just there for the meet then its free, but the coffee and cake are lovely. The meet is up a flight of stairs, the regular practice for the venue is that pushchairs are left outside at the bottom of the stairs or leave them in your car where they are secure. (Derby and Nottingham Sling Library accept no responsibility for anything left outside at the venue) The venue is closed during Leicester School Holidays, when closed we will try to arrange a different location in Melbourne.



10am till 12 noon


Little Wesleys Cafe and Soft Play,

Potter Street,


DE73 8DW

Below are the dates of the meets for the Melbourne meets to the end of 2021.



Dates will be added when COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and venues are open again.

Postal and in person collection hires are still available please contact us for more information and help.

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